365 Vacation Days a Year​!​!

by Teen Planet

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Our debut EP! Released by Bloat Records in cooperation with Cat Cassettes. All songs about actual and metaphorical vacation getaways.


released July 28, 2014

Teen Planet is Kim, Alex, Mullarkey.




Teen Planet Phoenix, Arizona

Teen Planet are three friends who all lived in Phoenix/Tempe just long enough to write six songs, play three shows, and record an EP! Maybe we'll all be in the same place again some time in the future and then we can play more! No matter what, we're going to stay young at heart forever, and we hope you will, too! ... more

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Track Name: Every Monday! (Holiday!)
Every Monday! Every Monday holiday!
Holiday! Every Monday holiday!

I’ve never been one inclined to revolution.
But problem’s nagging me, I’ve got a solution.
Stuck in school all day then rushing off to work, yeah.
When oh when can I get a moment to myself.
Now need a second job, working even weekends.

Haven’t had a day off in over a month.
But two in a row will never be enough.
Let’s declare a state of emergency.
All Mondays will from now on be holidays.

And you’d better believe this absence is paid.
Because someone’s been making money from my pain.
This three-day weekend is just the beginning.
We’ll have Fridays off next, keep it escalating.
365 vacation days a year!!
Track Name: Run Across the Ocean
Hey, there, now California.
You’re pretty nice but are you really paradise?
Dipped my toes and got a chill from your ocean.
Sorry but I belong at another Pacific coast.

Waters: Blue and clear and warm all year.
Mountains: Volcanoes reach high as the sky.
Cocoanuts: Falling free from palm trees heights.
Oahu: All the action that we need.
Big Island: We’ll lose ourselves for days and nights.
Kauai! Maui! Will you go with me?

Hello, there, Arizona.
Love your cactus but you’re not living up to the hype.
December highways choked with trailers.
But forecast warns another night of frozen pipes.

Trade winds: Keep us warm forever more.
80s: Highs the rest of our lives.
Mauna Kea: Snow on peaks yeah when we need.
Desserts: Sunny side of Kona coast.
Rainforests: Make our stay a world away.
Hawai’i! Baby! Will you go with me?

Hey, do you want to run away with me?
Run far away across the ocean.
Run to the islands with nowhere to run.
Except run, run into each other’s arms.

Oahu! Kauai! Maui!
Hawai’i! Baby! Will you go with me?
Track Name: Kum and Go with Me!
Me and this boy we share a special thing.
Traveling back roads all round the country.
There’s no rest stops when leaving interstates.
But we have needs, where can we take a break?

For our convenience, there’s a sign ahead.
No local nowhere, but they’re consistent.
Holding hands on line, we’ve filled up our cups.
Can’t deny it we fell in love at Love’s.

He’s my QT cutie! He’s my Circle K baby!
In Iowa, oh! We Kum and Go!
He’s so sweet at Sheetz! Makes me crazed at Casey’s!
At Wawa, oh yeah! We go ga ga!

Me and this boy we had to make a pact.
To change our habits so our love will last.
Our junk food lifestyle’s not sustainable.
What tastes good now could lead us to a crash.

So we’re buying chips that are baked not fried.
Got sunflower seeds, bags of fruit that’s dried.
No more HFC, just our pure Peace Tea.
Sharing all our snacks on this road trip dream.

In Iowa, oh! We Kum and Go!
Track Name: Wave Away
The sixth biggest city sometimes seems.
Tiny island in a desert sea.
And you’re the last boy I’d choose to be
Trapped here with no escape way free.

Want you far way from here.
Know what’s behind your stare.
Back off don’t stand so near.
Hands off your motive’s clear.

What’s that you’re screaming in my ear.
It’s all garbled but I smell your beer.
Came to hear music not look at you.
I’ll pay you to leave before it’s through.

You go and come in waves.
Think you’re gone, back in my face.
Soon hope there’ll be a day.
Final wave’ll wash you away.

I move to the other side of stage.
Stay where you are and don’t follow me.
Last thing that I or the whole world needs:
Another brain-dead boy fuck machine.

Soon know there’ll be a day.
Final wave’ll wash you away.
Wash you away!
Track Name: Your Town or Mine
It was a dream! Could not foresee.
When I drove all the way from Tempe to Albuquerque.
Had a purpose! That was to see.
Mika Miko then I found you dancing right next to me.
Talked after show! Till club emptied.
You were so shy even asking for hugs wasn’t easy.

I took a chance and asked if you would like to stay
In touch and hey maybe visit me some day.
You said of course and had the cutest idea.
Let’s mail each other letters like they used to.

First one you sent confirmed
You’re coming to my town!
Could barely read your child-like handwrite.
But so sweet of you to take the time.

Had to respond! And yes quickly.
Did not bother to mention my dorm room was a small thing.
Rode the bus from! Albuquerque.
Took the light rail to Tempe where we sat under the trees.
At ASU! As the sun set.
So many birds singing like it’s islands cross the sea!

We went to my dorm and we sat on bed’s edge.
Played Pavement records and I wondered what’s next.
I said I would never make you sleep on floors.
Two on bed made for one, was inevitable.

First kiss and I knew what I’d have to do.
I’m going to your town!
Soothing our missing with more letters.
Each one sweeter than the last until…

New Mexico! I’m here again.
You find it enchanting but it’s mystery to me.
I’d rather be! In, say, Paris.
Still we had a fun time but began to feel the strain
Of our distance! Where does this end?
Got two more years college then I’m sure not moving here.

Knew you would pass through to visit family.
For Christmas but why’d you have to show early.
Studying for finals, pretend to be happy.
Two weeks after leaving now here’s the deal.

Make a phone call not a letter to tell you.
You’re not coming to my town!
Track Name: Nouvelle Vague
Last night I had the sweetest dream:
You and me on a movie screen.
Black and white, all else was quiet.
While the music played and set the scene.
I saw, I saw the beach.
I thought you looked at me.
Then the credits rolled.

Last night I had the sweetest thoughts:
A French film where my real self’s lost.
Vacation days in the Nouvelle Vague.
You'd like me more than you do now.
I've seen, I've seen enough.
To know the type of girl you'd want.
Before the credits roll.

Paris, take me.
Lyon, keep me as your own.
Jean Luc, Jean Paul.
Michel, run away with me to Italy.